The brands of Century Brands are truly centennial and have been and are now throughout the big and small moments of your day: when you take care of your home, your family or when you take care of you.  Now and ever.  We invite you to a journey through some of the stories of our brands since their very beginnings.












Calber Talcum Powder started in 1900 in the laboratories of “Perfumeria Higiénica Calber”, in San Sebastián on 4th Misericordia Street.

Calber achieved a lot of fame and prestige through advertising and projecting the image of stylized women and mothers with “parisian style” that had great acceptance at the time.

His unforgettable green can was an immediate success. Over a short period of time it turned into an everyday item: perfect as an aftershave or for nappy changes,… Calber, with its countless benefits and applications, evokes happy memories which are part of many emotional family histories.


Calber is today an incomparable brand, the only talcum powder brand of those years that has arrived into our days. It symbolises care and protection and although it has been reinvented to adapt to our days it remains grounded to its traditions.

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The well known and forever lifellong MONTSERRAT Fabric Whitener set a precedent for Blancotex. The MONTSERRAT Fabric Whitener, had always been characterized by providing a radiant and dazzling white to the clothes.

It contained an optical illuminator or blue pigment, which was trapped by the garment during the wash and consequently made it appear whiter by the principle that the "whitest white" is that with a blue hue that shows it much brighter. It is the most intense white!


MONTSERRAT Fabric Whitener 60's


Fabric Whitener Invoice 1965

The Blue Fabric Whitener is protagonist of our spanish history. It was the first whitener and is part of many emotional family images in many homes where it was used daily at the time of doing the laundry: plenty of housewives, washing by hand, strove to make their family white garments stand out for looking the whitest.

Our AZUL MONTSERRAT comes from Nubiola, a family company founded in 1914 and specialized in the production of pigments. It started its development with the manufacture of such blue pigment in his factory in Barcelona

The use of the blue fabric whitener, despite the entry of other competing products has arrived to our days. Today many detergents claim they whiten the clothes, but with none of them one gets a white as radiant as with the Blancotex Fabric Whitener. That is why it is still used by those consumers who do not feel satisfied by the level of «white» of their favorite garments using detergents, and want to achieve the most intense, brightest white for their clothes.

The Montserrat Fabric Whitener evolutioned to Blancotex Fabric Whitener. Blancotex is today a modern brand. Its range of products in addition to whiteners, include stain removers, color antitransfer laundry sheets and Laundry Additives in general.

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O'CEDAR starts in Spain at the beginning of the 20th century, having been introduced by the American company that created it: Martin Marietta. At that time, O'Cedar sold both wood polishers and cleaning tools, such as brooms and mops.


Later the brand changed ownership several times and split into 2, the Cleaning Tools division ended up in Freudenberg-Vileda (and is still today leader in the US) and the Wood & Furniture Care division in Reckitt & Colman under the same roof as other well-known brands such as Woolite, 3-in-1, Kanfort, Destop, ... In 2014 the French multinational Swania acquired the brand from Reckitt & Benckiser and in Spain it is managed by Century Brands.

Nowadays it is an ubiquitous and innovative brand. During all these years, it has always remained faithful to its initial position as a true expert in wood and furniture care, as well as in scratch repairs. And also loyal to its classic image of the wood mannequin.

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Famos began its journey in Spain in the 1920s. The brand grew up and developed with Unitex Laboratories and very soon became positioned as a leader in the hand cream market. Its best-known product was the Glycerin Hand Cream. A wider range of products was developed


Famos creams combined skin protection and nutrition properties, solving the problems of hand cracking. Famos creams have been positioned as the ideal delicate products for skin regeneration, ever since.

Its advertising posters and ads in magazines were true artistic works and gave much popularity to the brand among its consumers

Unique and incomparable, today it is a solid brand that maintains the highest quality standards. Its portfolio is still based on Hand Skin Regeneration Creams in a variety of formats. Recommended by dermatologists, their product line also includes Nail Polish Removers besides hand creams

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It is one of the first rodenticides that were marketed in Spain. The brand was born in 1923 at the Sokatarg Laboratories of Joan Gratacós Vallmajó (actually the name Sokatarg was just his surname read upside down) on Ter Street in Barcelona. This Lab also created other products that were well known at the time as the “Bañopié”, but only NOGAT has arrived to our days.

The name derived from "no-gat“ (translated as no-cat) meaning that whoever used the product did not need a cat to kill the rats. The illustration that was created for advertising was very curious and remains today as one of the hallmarks of the brand: a skeleton of a cat with a scythe chasing the rats.

At that time, the active ingredient was zinc phosphorus, but at the end of the 90's it was changed to bromaliodone.


Radio commercial 1950s

Almost 100 years later NOGAT remains intact. It has been a faithful observer of all the changes in the history of Spain of all this time and has a base of users who have been transferred from generation to generation, with an extreme product loyalty.

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Clair Matin

Clair Matin was developed in the 70s and is positioned as a cologne of fresh and natural character. At a time when Perfume TV advertising becomes heavy in Christmas time, the jingle of Clair Matin becomes very popular.


Clair Matin arrives to the present time maintaining not only its initial values of Fresh Cologne for the whole family but also its typical mild aroma of summer freshness. A true CLASSIC for life!

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Bonodor is a classic brand of Antimoth products wich has been present for many years in Spain & Portugal. It became popular with the classic naphthalene balls, a product in which it was a leader.

The regulation of this type of products changed, and naphhtalene balls stopped being marketed, as a consequence, Bonodor evolved the Balls to Gel Cubes, which is the product currently marketed in Spain and Portugal, together with other anti-moth systems such as wardrobe hangers and discs …


Classic Bonodor Antimoth Balls


Rak was introduced in Spain in 1985 by the French company SPADO, leader in the DIY and hardware markets. It became popular for its high effectiveness and great unblocking power. As it was based on Caustic Soda, it was able to solve those thicker traffic jams that other competitors were unable to unclog, and that is the reason why it was given the name of "The Professional “.

1920 One of the first versions of Rak

Today RAK continues as the spanish brand leader in Caustic Soda liquid based unblockers and its range includes not only liquids but also solid (micropearls)

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Magic is launched in Spain and Portugal at the beginning of the 90s, for the commercialization of white firelighters for barbecues and fireplaces.

But it became really popular with the launch of Magic Carbon, which consisted of a BAG of SELF-LIGHT charcoal briquettes meaning that the consumer could cook the bbq fire embers without the need of neither firelighters nor any other ignition product, and simply lighting the 4 corners of the bag.


First Magic Carbon bag

Today Magic is a modern brand of Fire Starting products, with an extensive and specialist range developed in Barbecues / Fireplaces Lighting & Maintenance

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Casa Verde

Casa Verde is a line of Ecological detergents and dishwashers which happened to be launched in the 90s by Reckitt & Colman, really going ahead of its time when Eco Laundry products were almost non-existant.


The consumer sensitivity towards Ecological products has grown a lot ever since, and that is why we have transformed and evolved the brand from its start. Today Casa Verde is based on wash maximum efficiency, respect of the environment, modernity and care of consumer skin

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